Data Science

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Course Overview

20 weeks
2 days per week
3 hours per day
Online classes

What you will learn

Python Programming & SQL
Learn the most widely used programming languages for data science applications that powers big technology companies like Google, Instagram, Amazon, and Netflix.
Supervised Learning
Gain exposure to cutting-edge classification techniques of machine learning that are used in predicting future trends in price, sales, and stock trading.
Time Series Forecasting
Interested in predicting your next month’s sales? Learn the best in-class time series algorithms to help your organization optimize its inventory and perform target setting.
Exploratory Data Analysis
Interested in generating insights from your data? We will teach you the valuable techniques that will enable you to prepare your data for analytics.
Unsupervised Learning
Build your knowledge of clustering modeling methods that shape up the marketing strategies of large companies such as GroupM, Unilever, Habib Bank Limited, and Toyota.
Capstone Project
To ensure you graduate with the ability to perform deep and insightful analysis, we will be doing an industry use case where we will be looking at a data science problem from the business perspective.

Who is it for

Overwhelmed by Data? Our Data Science Certification will teach you how to handle, analyze, and make predictions on data and work on a variety of datasets. No prior knowledge of coding is needed!
-University Students or Industry Professionals who want to start their career in the Data Science domain
-Candidates who are preparing for Data Scientist or Machine Learning Engineer Interviews
-People who are working in the Data Warehousing domain
-Managers or Executives who want to build a Data Science business unit in their start-ups / organizations.

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Well organized and structured, covering all the necessary skills. The assignment, exams and capstone project really helped give us hands-on practical experience.

Sarah Ameen


Classes are interesting, interactive and very thorough. The course has been designed to accomodate beginners to programming; and ignites an interest in the field making of Data Science.

Khoulah Afzal


As a beginner in Data Science, I would say it's a great course that helps you in understanding concepts and tools used in DS.

Farhan Siddiqui


The lectures, exams, assignments and hands on experience including all the sessions proved to be very helpful to me.

Mahnoor Afridi


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